Jamie Quantrill is a cinematographer working in the U.K. and internationally. Since graduating fine art school in 2001 Jamie spent the first ten years in the film industry working as video editor and writer/director as part of several successful production companies. His work during this period was exhibited at film festivals and screenings world wide. Jamie also works as a leading filmmaking facilitator and for the last five years has delivered one of the most successful BFI Film Academies for young filmmakers in the U.K. His wealth of experience in a variety of roles, his vast technical knowledge and passion for visual storytelling makes him an invaluable Director of Photography.

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Selected Credits

'Unrequited' (Working Title) - Dir. Daniel Sayer - Rabblewise (In preproduction)
'Moose Latitudes' - Dir. Michèle Noach - Arctictoc. (In production)
'Unintended Consequences' - Dir. Maeve Brennan - Film & Video Umbrella/Jerwood. (In production)
'A Virus Walk Into A Bar' - Dir. John Walter - HOME Gallery. (In post)
‘Together’ (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Tate Britain.
‘Walk Of Shame’ (Short - Channel 4 Random Acts) - Dir. Maisie Buck - Fly Film/Screen South.
‘Joanne’ - (Short) - Dir. Simon Fujiwara - Film & Video Umbrella.
‘Hit The North' (Feature) - Dir. Daniel Sayer - Rabblewise.
‘Pharmkon’ (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Welcome Trust.
‘The Eye That Articulates Belongs On Land’ (Short) - Dir. Karen Kramer - Film & Video Umbrella/Jerwood.
'Late Night With Albin & Bibita' (Short) - Dir. Jake Wynne - Listeners Project.
'Me and Mine' (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Film & Video Umbrella.
'Results That Move You' (Short) - Dir. Lucy Beech - Film & Video Umbrella.
'The Top Ten Reasons I'm Amazing' (Short) - Dir. Frank Madone - Square Speaker Productions.
'The Care Worker' (Feature) - 2nd Unit DoP & Camera Operator - Dir. Asa Bailey - Focus Media.
'Eight Items' (Short) - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince.
'Brolio Ivartis' (Short) - Dir. Guy Myhill - First Light/Seachange Arts.

‘Microsoft One Drive’ - Dir. Max Fisher - Beast - FCBInferno.
‘Adidas Stella McCartney’ - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - The Smalls.
‘Harringtons’ - Dir. Chris Gaffey - Ink Films
‘Accu Chek - Bring Relief' - Dir. Chris Gaffey - Beast - Sudler & Hennessey GmbH.
’Unison - Always With You' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Good Agency.
’Tommy Hilfiger - THFlex' - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - Documovie - Condé Nast.
’Prezola - GQ' - Dir. Orlando Cubitt - Documovie - Condé Nast.
’NS&I - Life Of Surprises’ - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - The Team.
’Woolmark - GQ' - Documovie - Dir. Adam Lewin - Condé Nast.
'Shreddies Nana State' - Dir. Max Fisher - Generator Films - McCann.
'Made In The Royal Navy' - Dir. Max Fisher - Generator Films - WCRS.
'Richard and Adam At The Movies' - Dir. Chris Gane - Vince - The Design Corporation.
'Russell Watson - Only One Man' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - The Design Corporation.
'FairFX - Hostess' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride & Joy - MBA.
'Dominos Pizza - Delivering the Movies - Zombies' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride&Joy/Big Communications.
'Dominos Pizza - Delivering the Movies - Swat' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Pride&Joy/Big Communications.
'The Silent Killer - Gas Safe' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince.
'AIG - Cancer Cover' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Roundtable.
'Pizza Express' - Dir. Jake Wynne - Vince - Adam&Eve.

'Queen of the Universe' Jack Adapter - Dir. John Walter. (In pre-production)
'Reach You' Sam Winston - Dir. Jake Wynne - Gepetto Records.
'Filter Me Through You' The Dream Syndicate - Dir. Nick Edwards - Anti.
‘Broken Bones’ Greta Svabo Bech - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Documovie.
‘Runaway’ (Live) Clean Cut Kid - Dir. Jamie Quantrill/Suresh Kara - Documovie.
‘The Girl’ Dr Dog - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Foundations Music/Rough Trade.
‘Half Smile’ Weevil - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Wichita.
‘Fool’s Life’ Dr Dog - Dir. Jamie Quantrill - Foundations Music/Park The Van.